About me

About Me

Sacha Criado

About me

My name is Sacha Criado and I´m a Spanish Voice Over Talent. from Spain. My tool is my voice and I love working with it. I have a strong background in music, as a musician, Psychology, as psychologist and as voice actor.

I started working professionally with my voice in 2002. My first projects were E-learning courses for pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and AstraZeneca. Since then, I began an unstoppable race and I have recorded Training courses, Corporate Videos, Documentaries, Radio Advertisements, TV spots, Recordings for Theater, Phone Systems and much more. Today I work in recording studios, and also in my own professional studio from which I´ve recorded projects across the five continents.

My voice is deep, bright and expressive. Excellent as corporate voice. Ideal for Documentaries, E-learning, Audio guides and everything that needs a slow and deep tone to capture the attention of the listener. But it can also be strong, powerful, energetic and convincing for promos or advertising jobs.

Now I combine my job as voice talent with production and multilingual project management in Voiceovers Factory.

Mi best Curriculum is my voice and all the work that I have done with it